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Welcome to Bio-Blend Fuels

January 2014: After a fourth quarter 2013 temporary plant idling, Bio Blend Fuels will be permanently shutting down operation of the bio diesel plant and all fuel production.

Recent RFS-II woes have created industry uncertainty and unfavorably impacted RIN trading for smaller boutique plants.

In addition, changes in industry regulations have made it increasingly more difficult for a small plant to compete with large scale commercial plants. Bio Blend Fuels is not in a position for the plant to physically expand to produce the volumes required to be financially stable in the Bio Diesel industry.

Bio Blend Fuels is in the process liquidating the assets of the plant. Much of the processing equipment has been sold, however there is still much to move. We have settle tanks, chillers, test equipment, forklifts, fuel delivery truck, totes, and small processing tanks still available. We are also selling the Retail Blending Station. We have posted most of the equipment on eBay and Craigslist, SEE ( if there is something specific you are looking for just give us a call.

The blending station is closed and will remain closed until it is sold. We do have a few 275 Gallon totes of processed Soy based biodiesel left. It is a B100. We will be selling these totes at $3.00 a gallon with a $50.00 tote deposit, cash and carry. When the fuel is gone we will delete this paragraph

Thank you for those of you who have supported Bio Diesel and Bio Blend Fuels Inc over the past years. It has been a pleasure working for you to produce a renewable fuel from renewable sources. If we can be of any assistance in guiding your to access to other renewable fuels do not hesitate to call.

Thank You

Dan and Tracy Kaderabek